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7cb1d79195 After a failed burglary, Mumbai-based antique-shop owner, Batliwala, instructs four bumbling thieves: Pandit, Wilson, Builder and Akbar Qureshi to smarten-up, travel to Pattaya, Thailand; break-in at a residence on Pattaya Street, clean out the contents of a safe and then return home. The foursome travel there and are assisted by a female named Tanya Sharma. Following her instructions, they steal a car, travel to the address, forcibly confine it's sole occupant, empty the safe and depart. They do not know that the stolen car belongs to small-time robbers, who were interrupted in their heist of a corner store and are now on the look-out for the 'Char Hindustanis'. To make matters even worse they soon realize that they had broken into the wrong house on Pattaya Road, and the occupant they had humiliated and robbed is a notorious under-police-surveillance gangster, Lala Taufiq Ahmed Bhatti, who will not leave any stone unturned to find them, recover his money as well as incriminating audio tapes, and then ensure their demise.
Four burglars end up stealing a vehicle from robbers as well as unknowingly breaking in the house of a notorious gangster.
I don&#39;t know why did I paid to watch this.This was unbelievably intolerable…stale story line up, stale expressions,awful and mindless script. First, be forewarned the makers of this film are ballot-stuffing. There&#39;s a good reason why you can buy it for less than $1 on Amazon - because it&#39;s really BAD.<br/><br/>How to describe this film? Put the word &quot;bad&quot; in front of any component of a film, and you&#39;ve got it. Bad Tarantino/Lock Stock/Get Shorty knock-off. Bad writing. Bad directing. Bad acting. Bad cinematography. Bad continuity.<br/><br/>CONCLUSION : This movie is awful. It tries to be funny and fails every time. You can see where you&#39;re supposed to laugh, you know the intention is humor, but it&#39;s just not funny. The characters are terribly written. They start off as complete fools and by the end they&#39;re devising intricate schemes that come together in entirely ridiculous fashion. But the most painful part of watching this movie has to be sitting through these pathetic attempts at humor.
Plot : 1/10 This movie is a carbon copy of Crime Spree(2003).The script is poor.<br/><br/>Performance : 1/10 You can&#39;t like this film because there&#39;s your favourite actor in it, just note the stupid jokes and wrong screenplay to know how bad this film is.<br/><br/>Music : 1/10 Nothing needs to be reviewed about the music,it was just as bad as the movie.<br/><br/>Overall : 1/10 This movie is strictly avoidable,unless you&#39;re one for self-punishment.You may get suicidal at the end of it. Its just as bad as salman khan&#39;s Bodyguard.

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